Monday, December 5, 2011

Christy and Julia...

Lamaze international is hosting a blog carnival. The topic: How did childbirth classes help me? How can I give back to the childbirth educators who work hard to educate and empower women during their childbearing year? I can tell my story.

My due date had come and gone, I wasn't worried. They had talked about how only a few women 'go' by their due date. They taught us the importance of letting labor start on it's own. So, I waited. Labor started on it's own. They had talked about the stages of labor and what to expect. So, when I first noticed contractions, I knew I was in early labor and I knew what to do. I ate and drank, I went shopping and went for a walk. I kept moving and changing positions. The contractions became stronger and closer together. We walked into the hospital, my doula led the way, my husband was by my side, my mother and mother-in-law followed us. I felt safe. They had taught us the importance of continuous labor support. I had my entourage, I felt like a queen. I had worked hard on my birth plan, it was short and to the point. I planned on laboring naturally without medical pain relief. I chose not to get an IV or hep-lock or any intervention that wasn't medically necessary. They had talked about the cascade of interventions, how one can lead to another. I steered clear of them all. I started to feel scared and panicky. They had talked about transition, that it is normal and means you are close to the end. I remembered and relaxed, continuing my rhythm and ritual. Before I knew it, my body was pushing. It knew what to do and when to do it, I just followed it's lead. They had talked about different positions for pushing, I used them all. After she was born I just laid there, holding my baby, letting both of us catch our breath. I breastfed. They had taught me to stay with my baby, it was the best thing for us and for learning to breastfeed. My husband and I just smiled at each other. We were more than a couple, we were a family.

My childbirth educators taught me so much. Because of them, I was empowered to make educated decisions, to seek the support I needed, and to have the amazing, challenging, life changing experience that only women who have birthed naturally can understand. Childbirth classes gave me more than just confidence or tools to achieve my ideal birth, they were a rite of passage. They helped me become a mother. Thank you,

Christy and Julia...

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