Friday, December 2, 2011

The finish line...

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time. We used to talk about what labor would be like. We decided it would be like a marathon: long and hard, yet rewarding. We were right, labor was hard. There will be times when you think you just can't go on, but if you just take it one step (or one contraction) at a time, then you will make it to the end. It was also very rewarding, I learned so much about myself by laboring and birthing my baby into the world without drugs or interventions. There is nothing like the rush of hormones you get when you have a baby. I am women hear me roar! Anyways, talks with my sis inspired this poem. Don't laugh :)

My Marathon

Normal, natural childbirth
is not the popular choice today.
Why would you choose the pain? what you'll hear them say.

A marathon runner will tell you,
the challenge is why they strive.
Why would you choose to run,
when it is easier to drive?

Some choose the harder way
to test their body and their soul.
You become stronger and more confident
when you finally reach your goal.

Giving birth is my marathon.
I practice and prepare for my wish.
Keep moving and drinking water
are things that will help me finish.

I know it won't be easy
there will be laughter and there'll be tears. 
I can do it if I just stick to it,
I will give in and let go of my fears.

In a marathon or a childbirth
the best way to get to the end.
Is with the company and support
of a close and loving friend.


If someone you knew came up to you and said, "I am going to run a marathon in a few months." What would you say? I would say, "Wow! That is awesome." I would ask about how they were preparing, if they were doing it with someone they know. I'd ask about the time and place. I wouldn't question whether they would be able to finish or not. I wouldn't tell them they couldn't do it, or tell them it is pointless because there are cars and buses. So why, when I told people that I was planning a normal natural birth, was I told that I am crazy, and it's dangerous. "You don't have to be a super woman." I was told it's nice that I wanted to 'try' but when it came down to it that I would choose to get 'help'.

It's a good thing that I was determined, those naysayers can do a number on your confidence. I surrounded myself with positive and supportive people. I started slow and steady. When the hills came one after another, I stuck with it. There was blood, sweat, and tears. I kept my eye on the prize, I got to...

the finish line...

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